Thin Wall Mould Manufacturer

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Simply put, in plastic part wall thickness calculation, Plastic products when the injection molding wall thickness is less than 1mm are called thin-wall products.

The more professional explanation, The definition of thin-wall is related to the ratio of the process to wall thickness, the viscosity of the plastic and the heat transfer coefficient.

Why do you need thin wall container mould manufacturers?

Usually, a piece of plastic product, The cost of plastic raw materials accounts for 50%-80% of the total cost, Thin-wall injection molding can effectively reduce costs.

In addition, Due to the miniaturization and portability of some consumer electronic products, related plastic parts are also required to become thinner and thinner.

Thin wall injection molding is used in food containers, pharmaceutical boxes, cosmetic packaging, stationery, and multimedia packaging.

The thin-walled molds we produce have:

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