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We have extensive experience in thin-wall injection molding. The following is an article about: What is thin wall injection molding, Why do you need thin wall container mold manufacturers, Application of thin-walled plastic products, The thin-walled molds we produce, Difficulties in thin-wall injection molding, Thin wall product mold requirements and the selection of raw materials for thin-walled products.

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About Thin Wall Injection Moulding

What is thin wall injection molding?

Simply put, in plastic part wall thickness calculation, Plastic products when the injection molding wall thickness is less than 1mm are called thin-wall products.

The more professional explanation, The definition of thin-wall is related to the ratio of the process to wall thickness, the viscosity of the plastic and the heat transfer coefficient.

Why do you need thin wall container mould manufacturers?

Usually, a piece of plastic product, The cost of plastic raw materials accounts for 50%-80% of the total cost, Thin wall injection molding can effectively reduce costs.

In addition, Due to the miniaturization and portability of some consumer electronic products, related plastic parts are also required to become thinner and thinner.

Thin wall injection moulding is used in food containers, pharmaceutical boxes, cosmetic packaging, stationery, and multimedia packaging.

The thin-walled molds we produce have:

  • Disposable snack box
  • Airline cup
  • Plastic Cosmetic bottle

Difficulties in thin-wall injection molding.

Because the mold is cold, when the thin wall injection molding polypropylene molten fills the cavity of the mold, the inner wall of the mold forms a solidified layer, injection molding wall thickness variation, thereby reducing the flowability of the plastic. The smaller the wall thickness of the plastic product, the more serious this situation.

When the filling is not completed, the raw material circulation passage disappears due to the thickened solid layer, and the product will be scrapped.

Therefore, thin-walled injection molds usually need to be matched with high-speed injection molding machines, and when the solidified layer is not too thick, the injection molding is completed.
The increase of the injection speed requires an increase in the injection mold clamping force, and it is also necessary to prevent the high internal stress of the product from deforming the product after demolding.

In general, about injection moulding machine design, standard injection molding machines do not meet the requirements for thin-wall injection molding.

We recommend a high-speed injection molding machine with nitrogen bottles. For more information, please contact us.

Thin wall product mold requirements

The requirements for the injection molding machine are increased, and the same requirements for the mold are also improved.

H13 is the basic steel for thin wall molds, raw material usually should be clear transparent, it requires steel polishing property.

To ensure the mold lifetime, Our thin-walled molds are thicker and stiffer than normal molds.

With the high-speed high-pressure injection, to reduce the distortion during long-term high-speed production, there is reinforcement rib design.

High-speed injection requires adequate venting and higher precision in tooling, steel hardness must be HRC42 above. NAK-80 or 718H only with HRC30 above, In order to achieve uniform wall thickness injection molding.

Multi-cavity molds are more demanding, with ejector and blower, Quickly demoulding the product for quick mold clamping, to increase productivity.

For thin wall mould S136 with HRC43-45 is our choice usually, H13 with HRC43-45 can be the second choice for economic investment.

Selection of raw materials for thin-walled products.

In order to produce products normally, we recommend the use of high-flow plastic materials such as PP, PS/ABS, depending on the product requirements.

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