Plastic cutlery mould

Disposable spoon mould

Disposable tableware mold is a mold for mass production of disposable cutlery spoons, It widely used in the catering industry. We are a professional manufacturer who specialized in making disposable cutlery molds. We can offer a lower price and higher quality plastic cutlery injection mould for you.

Disposable fork mould

Disposable fork mold is a kind of disposable tableware mold, the Manufacturing process is like disposable spoon mould and knife mould. We have many disposable cutlery mold customers all over the world, They have extensive experience in the manufacture of disposable plastics.

Disposable cutlery injection mouldingLooking for Disposable cutlery mould supplier in China?

TAGMOLD is a professional injection mould manufacturer in China who supply all kinds of Disposable cutlery injection moulds.

If you need the Disposable cutlery mold of different sizes or styles, please feel free to contact us to provide you with free mold design and sample.