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We are a professional injection molds manufacturer who can supply all kinds of plastic commodity injection moulds with high quality. The following is an article about plastic commodity products classification and the Development status of plastic commodity mold. If you have plans to produce plastic products for daily use, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the most professional advice.

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About Commodity Injection Mould

Plastic Commodity moulds are belonging to the most extensive category in the injection mold classification.

It contains many plastic products moulds for Daily-use, including:

  • Plastic basin mould
  • Plastic bucket mold
  • Plastic chair mould
  • Plastic cup mould
  • Storage Box mold
  • Trash can mould
  • Plastic pill box mold
  • Plastic cutlery mould, etc

Plastic daily necessities molds generally use PP and PE raw materials to produce products.

Development status of plastic commodity mold

Modern people are increasingly demanding the style, function, and safety of plastic daily necessities, Product updates are getting faster and faster.

Therefore, the development of plastic daily molding industry is inevitable.

Only make more precision and efficient daily necessities injection molds, In order to produce more satisfying and more functional plastic daily necessities.