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We are a professional injection molds manufacturer who can supply all kinds of plastic bottle injection moulds with high quality. The following is an article about PET Preform injection, PET blowing injection, Bottle cap injection Molding and the future market for plastic bottle moulds. If you have plans to produce plastic bottles, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the most professional advice.

About Plastic Bottle Injection Moulding:

Plastic Bottle molds are tools for mass production of bottles, Bottle molds can be divided into two forms: One is injection molding preform mould, another is the blowing mold, The two molds are different in structure and the products are different.

Production and design of plastic bottle mold including:

We offer a complete range of high quality and reliable molds for pet bottle at a very competitive price.

Our PET bottle molds, pet bottle blow molds and pet bottle blow moldings are very effective in making:

  • pet bottles

  • pet jars

  • plastic bottles

  • plastic jar

  • mineral water bottles

  • mineral water jars

  • 5 liter to 20-liter jars

  • oil bottles

  • chemical bottles

  • package drinking water

  • packing chemical

  • packing agro products

  • pharma bottles

PET injection molds are different from normal injection molding molds

The material of the mold has special requirements for its performance: Small thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, high thermal conductivity.

The quality of the material and the treatment process directly affect the quality and life of the mold.

Our company is a factory specializing in the production of pet injection molds, More than 10 years of production experience in the field of preform molds.

We selected suppliers are well-known cooperative units in the industry.

We firmly believe only when the quality of the material is guaranteed, there is a high-quality mold.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the scale of production, PET bottle blowing machines are becoming more automated and productive.

In order to make the company run better, Advances in equipment also require mold matching for the production of products.

With a mission to offer world-class solutions to our target customers, The services of experienced professionals and use of innovative technology in its manufacturing allow our moulds to have longer durability and service life and help our clients bring out a better range of end products.

Plastic Bottle mold injection molding characteristics and requirements:

PET Preform injection

PET is a hygroscopic material, If the moisture content is too high, hydrolysis will occur under high-temperature processing.

The PET molecular chain is broken and thermally decomposed to produce acetaldehyde, which has reduced mechanical properties and accelerated crystallization rate.

Breaking and thermal decomposition of PET molecular chain to produce acetaldehyde, Reduce mechanical properties and accelerate crystallization rate. When PET material is shooting, Will cause partial crystallization of the preform, Affect product quality.

Before the preform is injection molded, PET raw materials must be dried to a moisture content of 0.05% or less in order to produce a good pet preform.

The quality of the preform depends largely on the pros and cons of the PET material.

Should choose materials that are easy to inflate, easy to shape, and develop a reasonable preform forming process.

The requirements for preform products are pure, transparent, free of impurities, no discoloration, suitable for spot length and surrounding vignetting.

PET blowing injection

PET blow molding bottles can be divided into two categories:

  • One type is a pressure bottle, such as a bottle filled with carbonated drinks
  • Another is the pressureless bottle, Such as bottles filled with water, tea, oil, etc.

The preforms, heating, pre-blowing, mold, environment and other factors in the PET bottle blow molding process have an important impact on the blowing process.

Cap injection Molding:

Different from preform injection, Cap injection molding belongs to Thin wall injection.

Caps are injection molded with PP, LDPE and HDPE materials, all of which are non-absorbent plastic materials. No need for a dryer, processing equipment is much simpler.

The future market for plastic bottle moulds

As the global economy recovers and plastic bottle packaging is difficult to replace in the short term, plastic bottle products will have a large market demand in the future.

Nowadays people are increasingly pursuing individualization of packaging, and the future plastic bottle market is definitely a personalized world.
All plastic bottle manufacturers come to be competitive in the enterprise, first of all, have more styles of blowing molds is better.
Of course, for the growth of demand, there is a higher demand for plastic bottle molds.

1. Blowing molds require high productivity

Higher production efficiency can produce more plastic bottles at the same time, in order to win higher profits for customers.
So Multi-cavity blowing moulds are getting more and more popular, This will be the inevitable direction of the future.

2. Blowing mold requires high stability and heat resistance

More efficient production will test the steel and heat resistance of the mold
Improve the performance of the mold to ensure the reduction of the repair rate, providing a reliable guarantee for continuous production

3. Blowing molds require higher precision

Higher production requirements will increase the yield of the product
Therefore, for multi-cavity blow molding dies, higher precision can guarantee a high yield.