Household appliance mold manufacturer

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Household appliance injection molds

There are many types of household appliance molds, including:

  • Fan parts mould
  • Computer casing mould
  • Air conditioning parts mold
  • Washing machine parts mould
  • Refrigerator parts mould
  • Electrical outlet housing mold
  • Plastic audio shell mold
  • TV shell mold
  • Hairdryer shell mould

About Household appliance plastic mold

Most parts of home appliances rely on mold injection molding, Need a variety of injection molds, They are important parts of the injection molds.
With the fierce competition in the home appliance market, Shell design becomes an important part.

New requirements for color, feel precision, and the wall thickness of appliance casings, Great demand for new injection molds.

Under normal circumstances, the demand for plastic molds for household appliances and plastic products is very large. For example:

  • More than 100 plastic molds for a refrigerator or a fully automatic washing machine.
  • More than 20 plastic molds for an air conditioner
  • 50-70 plastic molds for a color TV set

At the same time, the technical requirements for plastic molds are relatively high.

It is often required that the processing cycle of the mold be as short as possible, thereby greatly promoting the development of the mold design and modern mold manufacturing technology.

In addition, some of the more difficult molds, such as hot runner injection molds, laminated injection molds, etc., are gradually increasing in China.

According to this analysis, with the development of home appliances gradually becoming intelligent, personalized and lightweight, The future home appliance industry market will continue to maintain a stable growth trend.

China home appliance industry’s high-precision injection molded parts and multi-color plastic molds, spray-free high-gloss molds, high-precision ultra-thin molds, and other high-end mold products will face good development opportunities.

The steady and rapid development of the home appliance industry will greatly promote the development of the home appliance mold industry.

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