Console board mold

Car console board mold

Car console board mold also called center console mould, center console car cover mold

It include: car dashboard, car console box, and car middle compartment.

If you want to know center console definition, or how to make a car console cover, please feel free to contact us.

We are specialized in custom car console, custom consoles, custom center console designs, narrow car center console.

Automotive console board mould

TAGMold has been supplying the Auto parts mould of Auto bumper mould, Auto console board mould and auto grill mould to different auto makers. With the improving of products and customer's requirements, we have been accumulating the experience and importing the advanced technology in auto mould.

Auto console board mouldLooking for car console mould maker in China?

TAGMOLD is a professional injection mould maker who supply all kinds of auto car console injection moulds

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