Auto Parts Mould manufacturer

TAGMOLD offer plastic injection molding service and specializes in various plastic molds for automotive, and we can supply all kinds of automotive plastic parts injection molds with high quality.

Plastic Automotive parts mold refers to the mold used in the automotive field. Auto molds Known as “the mother of the automotive industry”, More than 90% of parts in automotive production rely on mold forming. automotive parts injection mold is the most important part in auto parts molding.

We are a China automotive injection molding companies, specializing in the production of automotive parts mold.

Auto plastic parts analyze

Production and design of automotive parts molds:

Exterior plastic automotive components molds

Interior plastic Automotive parts moulds

Interior /Exterior Auto Trim plastic molds

  • plastic Bezels injection mould
  • Gear shift cover injection molding

As a quality supplier of automotive plastic parts mold, We offer unparalleled quality to car manufacturers or Automotive accessory suppliers.

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