Auto Parts Mould

Auto Parts Mould supplier & manufacturer China

We are a professional injection molds manufacturer who can supply all kinds of automotive plastic parts injection molds with high quality. The following is an article about: Production and design of automotive parts molds and the development trend of plastic automotive parts.

Automotive Bumper Molding China

TAGMold has been supplying the front auto bumper mould, back auto bumper mould and auto grill mould to different auto makers. With the improving of products and customer's requirements, we have been accumulating the experience and importing the advanced technology in auto mould.

Car fender mould

Auto fender trim mould is used for making car fenders, it is belong to Exterior plastic automotive components molds.

Car grille Mould

The car grille is a mesh-like part of the front part of the car. It is a very important part of the car parts. It has the functions of decoration, protection and ventilation.