How to save on injection mold costs?

How to save on injection mold costs?

How to save the injection mold cost for customers should be the pursuit of every plastic mold factory.

Injection molding cost estimate

About Injection mold cost, many customers ask us:
why are injection molds so expensive?

And want to know about injection molding cost estimate.

The answer is similar: the injection moulding cost includes many parts:

  • cost for injection molded part
  • cost for injection moulding labor
  • injection molding machine cost
  • injection moulding die cost
  • cost for injection mold base


Injection molding Cost in china

At present, if you choose injection moulding China

many factories have good mold quality, but the price is relatively high.

TAGMOLD have more injection moulding advantages than other injection mold makers in China.

We have customers in many countries who are just beginning to contact the mold industry.

They have many problems with the price and quality of plastic molds.

Because of can’t afford the high cost of mold production just at the beginning

there are often customers asking if we can make a good mold at a lower price.

Of course, the price is relative.

The steel used, the accessories are good, the price will be high.

However, the important is we should not spend our expenses on places that should not be spent.

Why are injection molds so expensive?

So to save on injection moud costs the best important thing is to find a reliable injection mold manufacturer china.

plastic injection moulding clamping
plastic injection moulding clamping

Many domestic factories have applied their expenses to frequently modify molds:

test patterns and other processes due to immature design and other factors, resulting in customer losses.

Every product should have its corresponding value

The mold factory should try its best to reduce the cost of developing the mold

Rather than the price of the sky.

It is important to Save the cost of the Plastic injection moulds for new molders.

As an injection mold making Manufacturer

control the injection mold costs are necessary.

There are some common questions around our new customers

How much does injection mold cost?
The cost of injection molds includes material costs, processing costs, management costs, profits, design fees and other expenses (testing, packaging, shipping costs, etc.)
TAGMOLD is specialized in mold design and manufacturing, ensuring that customers get the best molds at the lowest cost and that the overall profit does not exceed 10%.
How much does it cost to reduce injection molding?
For most injection molds, if you want to reduce the injection molding, you can increase the number of mold cavities, please consult the mold manufacturer for details.
Why are injection molds so expensive?
Because the price of injection molds involves a lot of costs, the quality of raw materials also determines the overall price of the mold.
If you want to know more about saving mold expenses, please read this article.
Is injection Moulding cheap?
Regarding whether injection molding is cheap, we can give a rough price in combination with the products that need to be produced.
First, injection molding requires a set of molds and a machine, followed by processing of the site lease, and workers are required.
Of course, we think that injection molding The benefits are far greater than the cost of the need.
Is 3d printing cheaper than injection molding?
In recent years, 3D printing has entered people’s field of vision.
3d printing has brought convenience in the formation of articles.
However, compared with the efficiency of injection molding, 3d printing is far behind.
If large-scale production is required, it is Traditional molding methods such as injection molding are inseparable.
If you only need individual products or samples, try 3D printing.
How do you calculate cost of mold?
Each injection mold factory has its own way of calculating the cost of the mold.
We will conduct a professional analysis of the mold design and components according to the customer’s requirements to ensure the cost performance and durability of the mold, and also based on the previous injection molding experience.
Effective control allows customers to achieve more efficient production.
How long does it take to make an injection mold?
The efficiency of each factory is different. Generally speaking, the design time of the mold is up to 3 months.
Some molds with complex designs and high precision requirements may take longer.

But, how to reduce the cost?

In order to control the cost of the injection mould

we need to analyze the impact of various factors related to the costs.

In terms of operations, we need to manage costs in the enterprise

including cost accounting, cost analysis, cost decisions, and cost control.

Under the premise of ensuring product quality

scientific and reasonable management of all aspects of the factory production and operation process

to achieve maximum production results with the least production cost.

Injection mould Production and processing

Plastic Mold can be divided into four stages of research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service.

injection moulding process cost
injection moulding process

First of all, we need to set the overall budget report based on the

  • previous price report
  • peer quotation level
  • combine the pre-product risk assessment ESI
  • other factors to give customers the mold quotation.

Optimized Plastic Parts Design

Plastic part design is the biggest factor affecting the cost of the injection mold.

if the plastic part design is unreasonable, for the mold business, it will be a disaster.

I have been working in an injection mold manufacturing company for more than 20 years, and I have experienced much more of this situation.

Sometimes in order to achieve a buckle, but plastic part engineers and mold designers do not have good communication,

the cost of the injection mold will be multiplied.

Therefore, a plastic part designer must try to understand the knowledge of the injection mold

and making the design of the plastic part as far as possible for the mold works,

do not increase the cost and the difficulty of making the injection mold.

Good communication is the most effective and direct measure to reduce the cost of injection mold。

Some plastic part engineers believe that the cost of the mold is the mold company’s business.

However, if the injection molding company and the mold manufacturing company is the same, then what will happen?

In fact, this is a social trend.

The company is now operating better, are injection molding companies and mold manufacturing companies as one.

The single company almost cannot survive.

Therefore, if the plastic part design is unreasonable, it will directly increase the cost of the injection mold.

Plastic Parts Design Modification

Injection mold companies often encounter such a situation:

In a project, the injection mold has just been designed, but the customers have some changes.

If it is a small modification, it does not affect the overall structure of the injection mold, it does not matter.

Sometimes the situation is more serious because if the plastic parts shape changes,

the injection mold need to increase other parts, even the whole injection mold must be re-ordered. The cost will increase highly.

So we must reduce the design modifications. Now there are many rapid prototyping technologies.

Before making the injection mold, we can make a 3D module. By timely correction of the product 3D module,

we can minimize the increase in costs caused by the plastic parts design modification.

In addition, The technical department applies advanced design software to increase the accuracy of mold design and fundamentally improve material utilization.

Injection Mold Design Improvement

Here divide into two cases, the first is rationality and machinability of the injection mold design.

General injection mold making companies, the design team certainly have the most experienced designers and young engineers.

We cannot require young engineers to design high-level mold.

And for experienced injection mold engineers, without communications, they cannot design a perfect injection mold.

One of the most important and effective methods is the collective review.

There are many simulation methods,

such as mold flow analysis, dynamic analysis of mold structure,

try out the product and product design 3D comparison analysis,

all of these can minimize the unreasonable cost increased by the injection mold design.

Finished plastic injection molding

Through design optimization, reduce the number of theoretical materials and improve material utilization.

The second case is a waste of design.

If the customer only needs the injection mold to produce 500 samples, but we design mold with 300,000 capacities, in this case,

the cost will be high and it’s a waste.

Plastic products production line
Plastic products production line
Reduce Tryout Times

Lots of injection mold making companies calculate the mold processing fees from receiving the order to delivery.

If the injection mold has several tryouts but still cannot be delivered,

in addition, to fail the contract, there will lead to more processing fees.

Of course, the cost of the testing is also very impressive,

uncontrollable injection mold testing times are a large blind spot of the mold cost control.

Analyze of the reasons for the too many mold tryout times

The first is the injection mold design has not been a full collective review, so the mold structure is unreasonable,

which makes the mold needed to be fixed after the testing.

If the injection mold cannot be achieved after several improvements, the cost will be out of control.

There are some cases of mold design is good, but the injection mold is not well-produced, making the test mode for no reason increase.

For this problem, many companies have to increase the injection mold measuring equipment investment.

The second is the selected molding process and injection molding machine models are not the best.

The injection mold is well finished, but the injection molded parts are not ideal,

which will increase the injection mold tryout times and costs for no reason.

This is a common problem in some small injection mold factories.

The third is not fully understood the physical properties of plastic and even shrinkage rate did not engage inaccurately.

Therefore, before the design of the mold, we must clear about the physical properties of plastic,

only this can effectively reduce the number of trial mode.

Injection Mold Materials and Standard Parts Purchasing
Injection mold parts
Injection mold parts cost

We should select stable, reputable suppliers.

In the case of buying cheap materials to lead to injection mold problems,

it will make the costs uncontrollably.

Although the responsibility of suppliers can be held,

the biggest loss is the mold manufacturers and customers.

Summary, to control the injection mold costs effectively, we should do:

  • Reasonable plastic parts design
  • Reduce design modification
  • Improve injection mold design and processing
  • Good communication of product engineers and mold engineers

TAGMOLD Always focus on helping customers to save their cost of the custom made molds.

If you have any questions about china injection molding cost, please contact us immediately, thank you.

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