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What is PET blowing moulding & PET preform moulding?
What is PET blowing moulding? PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. PET blowing moulding means use PET material Injection molding or blow molding into the required products, It has the following characteristics: Excellent gas barrier Pressure and creep resistance Impact resistance Transparent, shiny surface Odorless Food safety Easy to shape and beautiful It has been […]
Preform mold & Blowing mould injection molding characteristics and requirements:
PET Preform injection molding PET is a hygroscopic material, If the moisture content is too high, hydrolysis will occur under high-temperature processing. The PET molecular chain is broken and thermally decomposed to produce acetaldehyde, which has reduced mechanical properties and accelerated crystallization rate. Breaking and thermal decomposition of PET molecular chain to produce acetaldehyde, reduce […]
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