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Strict quality control, Massive inspection through all CNC, assembly, Mold Trial, etc, mold processing procedure, ensure high efficiency & long life mold

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Customer supreme, We offer a full range of Mould Service. Including pre-sales services, Sale service, After-sales service, Make your project flow at a glance

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Plastic Injection Mould ManufacturerOne Stop Plastic Injection Mold & Molding Manufacturing Service

We are a China Injection Mould Manufacturer, who supplies 1 stop solution for your plastic products: Injection Mould DesignInjection Mold ProcessingPlastic Product Sample MakingPlastic Injection OEM/ODM, and so on.

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Professional Quote

Our quotation based on product samples or drawing requirements. Guarantee all the profits do not exceed 10% of the cost. Let your project with the best efficiency.

Mould Design

We offer free injection mould design. Our design team has extensive experience in mold design, To ensure that the customer’s mold has the best design and function.

Production & Processing

We have more than 15 years experience in plastic manufacturing industry. In order to provide high-quality injection mold, we equipped advanced a series of equipment.

Strict Testing

Professional testing through CNC, assembly, Mold Trial, etc, all the molds process procedure, ensure high quality and long life of the Plastic injection mould.

Fast Shipping

After all inspections are completed, we clean and package the injection mold, Sort out all the mould data and report to you, then shipping as soon as possible.

Careful Service

We offer 3 years of free maintenance service of plastic mould for customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in the field of Injection molding.

What is Plastic Injection Mold?

Injection molds are molds used to process plastic raw materials into plastic products, it is a tool for manufacturing plastic parts, also makes the plastic parts have full structures and precise dimensions.

If you want to know more about plastic injection mold, please click here to see more Plastic molding.

What is plastic injection molding?

Plastic injection molding, also know as plastic molding, it is a common processing method for mass production of some plastic parts.
The plastic raw material is heated and melted, and then injected into the injection mold cavity by the inject screw of the injection molding machine, and then after cooling, the plastic raw material is solidified and molded, and get the plastic products finally.

How to start my plastic production?

Upon sending an inquiry, our sales team is ready to offer you 24 hours on time quotation, and our analysis of your mold making project. As one experienced mold maker, we can give you the budget counting, mold data calculating, invest-return checking and advise, analysis of plastic molding feasibility, suitable material, injection machine model selection. We also can offer you a molding solution with the full production line.

How to get low cost injection mould?

If you want to get a low price injection mould, you need to compare the mould price with no less than 3 quotations, generally speaking, the price in the middle is better, the premise is that these prices are similar, and you must know the steel of the injection mold.

We are a professional Injection Mould Manufacturer, provide the best price with guaranteed quality.


What is injection moulding

Introduction to injection molding Injection moulding definition is one of the processing methods for...

Injection Mold ServiceWhy choose China plastic mold manufacturer?

  1. 1
    China Injection molding cost

    The injection mold cost includes mold design, mold manufacture, mold test, and shipping. If you buy from China. China’s mold industry has experienced rapid development, it is already mature. Nowadays china injection molds have higher quality and lower price

  2. 2
    Injection mold service china

    As a professional Injection Mould Manufacturer, we offer a range of injection mold service, such as: CAD/Pro E/SW(2D/3D) Design, Injection Mold Making, Plastic Injection Molding, Project Management, ABS Plastic molding, Custom Injection Molding, Custom Plastic Parts, Precision Plastic Injection Molding and so on.

  3. 3
    Injection molding process in China

    Apply world-class processing technology, Strict testing process, Mold Flow Analysis (injection simulation /deform simulation), and pay more attention to details, such as mold steel, mold base, mold accessories, plastic raw material selection, etc. to ensure our plastic mould without any problems.

  4. 4
    Plastic injection mold maker in china

    Nowadays, China becomes a world factory, more and more people purchase injection mold in China. There are a lot of mold factories can export injection mold to a foreign country. Most of the injection molds are not bad. Maybe you already have a partner injection mold supplier, But are they suitable for you? Can you find a better mold making company? Only in this way, we can gain greater opportunities in the increasingly competitive market environment

    Never put eggs in the same basket.

    Contact us, and let us provide you with better service!

  5. 5
    China injection moulding development trend

    Due to the continuous increase in labor costs, in the industrialized countries, More and more companies are shifting injection mold processing to China, Because of China has a good foundation for mold processing technology.

    The improvement of the trend of purchasing molds has also made us have higher requirements on the quality and precision of the plastic molds.

    Science and technology are primary productive forces.

    Technology is inseparable from plastic products. So the injection molding industry is bright in the future.

    We need to strengthen our own injection molding technology, and integrate with the international market, in order to promote the comprehensive strength of the China molding industry.